Intelligence and creativity can be developed.

Some resources for your child

My Toy Smart Educational Toys for Children has a “selection of unique and unusual educational toys will encourage imaginative and creative play and make learning fun”!

Top Ten Best Toys to Boost Intelligence
Learning and fun go hand in hand with today's availability of games, toys, and puzzles that enhance and encourage young minds. Children and teens are strong learners, and have the fastest learning ability possible during these prime years. What better way to encourage creativity, growth, and intelligence than by learning while they play? A young mind's inner genius can be enhanced and encouraged in the right mental state. Studies have shown that in order to cultivate both right and left brain hemispheres, there are certain puzzles, games, and mental processes that must take place. Read more at “Top Ten Best Toys to Boost Intelligence...”

Magic Trees of the Mind : How to Nurture Your Child's Intelligence, Creativity, and Healthy Emotions from Birth Through Adolescence
A book by Marian Diamond & Janet Hopson
Cutting edge scientific research has shown that exposure to the right kind of environment during the first years of life actually affects the physical structure of a child's brain, vastly increasing the number of neuron branches--the "magic trees of the mind"--that help us to learn, think, and remember. At each stage of development, the brain's ability to gain new skills and process information is refined. As a leading researcher at the University of California at Berkeley, Marion Diamond has been a pioneer in this field of research. Now, Diamond and award-winning science writer Janet Hopson present a comprehensive enrichment program designed to help parents prepare their children for a lifetime of learning. Read more...

Creative Learning Toys
From the site: “When you walk in the door, you will get the feeling that Creative Learning Toys is a happy place (except for the occasional temper tantrum when a child has to leave). We are very excited to share our ever changing and thoughtful selection of toys. Our staff is very knowledgeable and eager to share ideas with our customers”.

Smart Kids Toys
Wonderful selection of toys for kids of all ages. Store has been selling educational toys for 20 years.

Dr. Toy's smart play By Stevanne Auerbach
We've all heard of IQ but do you know your child's PQ or Play Quotient?
A child's ability to play does more than provide for fund and diversion; it is critical for his or her emotion and intellectual growth, an teaches everything from social skills to analytical thinking. For the developing mind of a child, learning to play is paramount--but is your child getting the most out of playtime?
Stevanne Auerbach, Ph.D., more affectionately known as Dr. Toy has dedicated a lifetime to the importance of play and gives you specific advice on which toys to buy and what kind of games to play to emplower your child's overall development. You'll learn:

How to become your child's play Tutor
How play can strengthen maturity levels and confidence
The pros, cons, and facts of gender specific toys
Guideance for the gifted and special-needs child

Plus practical advice on
Evaluatin a toy's safety, learn which toy manufacturers Dr. Toy recommends
Craft supplies you should always have on hand
Dr Toy's 100 Best Children's Products
And many more invaluable ways to make playtime a growing experience!

Smart and Smarter: Enhancing Your Child's Intelligence Through Cognitive Coaching By James E. Gardner
Smart and Smarter teaches parents and educators how to enhance a child's educational achievement. Specific instruments used by Gardner are the Behavioral Assessment Rating Inventory (BARI), developed by Gardner, and the Weschler Intelligence Scale for Children. Both were developed specifically for assessing a child's developmental level and intellectual level. No other book on enhancing the intelligence of children uses both of these instruments, which possess both diagnostic and prescriptive teaching qualities.

Imagination, Learning & Toys
Years ago, children did not have electronic toys and video games to play with. All they had were things like dolls and dollhouses, toy cars and jump ropes. No matter what toys they played with, they had to use their imagination to a certain extent.

Today, kids have all sorts of electronic toys to choose from. Even many books talk and allow children to interact with them. While there are benefits to these types of toys, it is still important to let a kid's imagination flourish. Here are some toys that encourage imagination and creativity, providing learning opportunities that many modern toys do not. Read more at Vineyar Designs...

Go Bananas
Go Bananas is a specialty toy store offering educational toys that spark your child's imagination and creativity, inspire and challenge their young mind, and are simply fun to play with! Go Bananas promises to always stock the best in learning toys, timeless playthings, along with award winning children's products that are safe and approved by parents and teachers. You will definitely "Go Bananas" over their vast selection of games, art kits, puzzles, baby toys, outside toys, science projects, learning resources, and more.

Learning Experss Inc.
Learning Express Inc., is a educational toy store franchise, with more than 130 locations across the country. As the leader of the educational - developmental toy category, we provide a fun and friendly shopping environment, where a knowledgeable sales staff provides expert advice to parents looking for that perfect toy. We pride ourselves on the quality and uniqueness of our toy selection and carefully select each product to ensure shelves are stocked with unique, innovative and educational toys that encourage learning through play. Our educational toys include games and puzzles , developmental toys, arts and crafts kits, science and nature products, construction toys, books, dolls, plush and other unique items exclusive to Learning Express and specialty toy retailers.