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Innovation, creativity and brainstorming resources
innovation, creativity, brainstorming, >visual thinking, business creativity articles quotes tools software, InnovationTools provides entrepreneurs and ..

Mind Mapping Software
A lot of resources for Mind Mapping. You can find any software for mind-mapping and you can buy Online.

Mind Machines & Mental Games
Reviews and description of Mind Machine productos. Neurofeedback, biofeedback, Audio Visual Stimulation Technology for creativity.

GTD Software
Some times creativity needs plannig. GTD Software can be help.

Brainstorming Software
Resources, tools, applications for brainstorming.

Definitions of creative thinking, lateral thinking, brainstorming ...
Problem. Opportunity. Probortunity. Problem Solving. Mind-maps ... Try a 30 day trial of our specialist software (Brainstorming Toolbox) to make ...

A TRIZ -based Creativity Tool for Food Processing Equipment Design
A TRIZ-based Creativity Tool for Food Processing Equipment Design ... MUF) in TRIZ techniques such as function mapping and trimming in ... of cost (The TRIZ-based software that include much ...

Creativity. Tools & Theory
All you need to know about creativity and how to enhance it ... creativity you will find here full reviews of techniques such as Brain Storming, lateral thinking, Synectics and, TRIZ, ASIT, USIT, Mind Mapping ... deal with software packages for ...

Software creativity : Why and how?
Should Software Creativity be incorporated into the curriculum? ... solution searching process. Since there is no single right answer to a design problem, the searching algorithm is multi-directional. The mind mapping ...

Creativity Desktops
A few wallpapers with creativity theme